Mobile Widgets & System features

List of the main features of the Wirenode Mobile Site Creator and overview of its Mobile Widgets.We introduce new features regularly. If you have some special request for a feature, please let us know.


This feature allows you to integrate Google Maps API into your mobile website. For example to display your company or your favourite restaurant location. Widget supports both street level view and satellite view.


Twitter Mobile Widget shows your last Twitter status on your mobile site.
It can also show your friends messages and your private ones.


With RSS Mobile Widget, integration of RSS into your mobile website is quick and easy. From your RSS, you can create the whole mobile friendly website and create your mobile blog this way. You can limit number of new posts on the page.

formsMobile Polls and Forms

Forms and Polls can turn your mobile website into instant feedback system. I can be used for research and give you the information you want from your customers immediately.

message boardMessage board

Get feedback from your visitors.
This Widget send you e-mail with customer message.

Message of the dayMessage of the day

Random message generator. This feature display to customer random tips or jokes. You can make your own tips, or choose from Browsing tips, Jokes database or Murphy's law.

Clock widgetClock widget

Include your date and time to mobile site.
Set time zone, date and time format.


Do you have some photos from party you want to show to your friends? Use gallery widget. Make more galleries by storing images in other folders.


Wallpaper widget allows you to download wallpapers stored on mobile site.

Ajax site editorAjax site editor

Wirenode mobile site editor works in Ajax.
It is a WYSIWYG editor with many possibilities.


Analytics shows you visitors activity on your mobile site. You can see hits and page views by day of the month as a table with visual display.

Phone emulatorPhone emulator

Mobile site viewer is a mobile phone emulator which allows you to view how your website will look like on the mobile phone.

Multi-site administrationMulti-site administration

You can manage more than one site with your user profile. Each mobile site may have different language and can be shown in other section of Wirenode portal. Each mobile site has its access statistics, location for files, etc..

Multimedia managementMultimedia management

Of course, no website can be without multimedia (images etc...) You can store pictures there and use them when you need it. For better accessibility is foldering available. In the future we will support more multimedia content (sounds/tones, video...)

Different outputs for mobile phonesDifferent outputs for mobile phones

We detect all mobile phones, which access our platform and we try to render the best output for them. We know the phone type, model, manufacturer, screen resolution, preferred markup language and image types and other parameters. Based on this data, our mobile detection core decides, which output format it will give to each particular phone.

Widgets for your webWidgets for your web

Promote your mobile site in your web site. With this feature you can insert HTML code to your WWW presentation. It is simple way to tell your customers about mobile version of your site.


Mobilise your blog in two steps! Type address of your RSS feed and name of wirenode.mobi site. That`s all, you now have mobile version of your blog.