Let’s look under the hood of Wirenode's mobile platform. It consists of several modules.

Mobile core:

  • Mobile phone detection module
  • Network detection module
  • Mobile content renderer

We call our mobile core Anypage ©. It allows us to detect the mobile phone type and its capabilities, carrier’s network and based on this information, we render content which fits the particular mobile phone.

Following phone manufacturers are supported: Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Siemens, LG, Motorola, Apple (iPhone), Palm (Treo), RIM (BlackBerry) and many Windows CE devices.

We can render output in: WAP (WLM), XHTML mobile profile, XHTML basic, cHTML and standard HTML.

We can read data from various sources including RSS and other platforms like Facebook.

Web part at www.wirenode.com, including:

  • Full Ajax editor of mobile webpages
  • Ajax RSS mobilization wizard
  • Promotional Widgets

Technology used:

Standard J2SE and J2EE modules and patterns.